Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Business Broadband is ultra important for For voice call and data make sure your you have the right solutions for your business -if needed you can load balance – Buy business broadband for your business and get the quality you need. Buy Leased Lines and get the perfect balance ! Talk Numbers offers business broadband at a PRICE thats right for your business

You can access  the Internet via different forms of communications such as broadband

The main access to the Internet is via the following services

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

2 types of DSL is commonly used

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) – Used primarily by residential customers, but also used by business

Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) – Used typically by businesses for services such as video conferencing, which need significant bandwidth both upstream and downstream

Faster forms of DSL typically available to businesses include:
High data rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL); and Very High data rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL).


Cable Modem

Cable modem service enables cable operators to provide broadband using the same coaxial cables that deliver pictures and sound to your TV set. The speeds on cable modem are now up 500 mbs but increasing all the time

Fibre for your business broadband

Fiber optic technology converts electrical signals carrying data to light and sends the light through transparent glass fibers about the diameter of a human hair. Fiber transmits data at speeds far exceeding current DSL or cable modem speeds, typically by tens or even hundreds of Mbps. The actual speed you experience will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as how close to your computer the service provider brings the fiber and how the service provider configures the service, including the amount of bandwidth used.

Variations of the technology run the fiber all the way to the customer’s home or business, to the curb outside, or to a location somewhere between the provider’s facilities and the customer. (Fibre to the door  / Fibre to the cabinet)

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Wireless technologies using longer-range directional equipment provide broadband service in remote or sparsely populated areas where DSL or cable modem service would be costly to provide. Speeds are generally comparable to DSL and cable modem. An external antenna is usually required.


Satellite broadband is another form of wireless broadband, and is also useful for serving remote or sparsely populated areas.

Downstream and upstream speeds for satellite broadband depend on several factors, including the provider and service package purchased, the consumer’s line of sight to the orbiting satellite, and the weather. Typically a consumer can expect to receive (download) at a speed of about 5 mbs and send (upload) at a speed of about 2 mbs. These speeds may be slower than DSL and cable modem,

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Leased Line for your Business

Leased lines  also called leased channel, leased circuit, point to point, private circuit or  private line. provides a full time dedicated connection to a network (such as a wide area network or internet). It acts like a fixed pipeline that carries data from one fixed point to another.  
Lease lines are dedicated to one customer, there is no contention. Leased Lines are charged on a  fixed monthly cost irrespective of the line traffic. Installation period is usually longer that other broadband offerings –
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