VoIP Services

VoIP Services

VoIP Services or hosted VoIP from Talk Numbers, As internet speeds improve so does the quality of  VoIP, now is the time to move from traditional line to VoIP -Buy VoIP from Talk numbers and radically improve your outbound and inbound call handling

Hosted VoIP for all size
companies and organisations

The biggest advantage of VoIP is that it offers significantly cheaper cost than traditional landline services, including, with many services.

Between VoIP customers the call charges are straight forward and in many cases completely free. Clearly therefore, the long term aim is that as VoIP becomes more popular you will be able to contact more and more people using this service, saving significant amounts of money.

A VoIP solution couldn’t be simpler. When someone calls your chosen business phone number, the call is connected over the internet and passed through to your VoIP handset. You take the call as usual, enjoying real clarity of voice that comes from using a secure internet connection.

Voice over Internet Protocol known as VoIP, is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Thanks to improved systems which now give priority to voice calls over data, the quality of VoIP is now arguably on the same level as a regular phone call.

What kind of equipment do I need?

To make phone calls you then either use a softphone on your PC or laptop  or a purpose built VoIP telephone, preferably a high speed broadband  Internet connection is required

Talk Numbers prefer to use Yealink for Hardware as its simple to configure, high quality, great to use


VoIP Services

Why use Talk Numbers for your VoIP Services

  • Excellent UK Customer Service
  • Ofcom Regulated
  • Memorable numbers
  • Advanced call handling
  • Resilient Network
  • Host our own numbers ranges
  • We don’t use grey routes for 03 numbers
  • 1000’s of numbers to choose from
  • VoIP packages that will suite your setup
  • Good reasons to buy VoIP from Talk Numbers
VoIP Services, Buy VoIP

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