Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Call Queuing works very simply. The systems detects that your line is engaged and keeps the caller in a queue, until a line becomes free. The caller can be informed of the position they are in. Or can hear a ring tone, music or a series of information messages while they wait.

An engaged tone tells your customers that you are too busy and dont have enough resources to manage their accounts. If you are engaged and it is a sales call, your caller will more often than not move on to your competition. Queuing your calls saves you the embarrassment of the engaged tone. The service make you look larger, as well as portraying a professional image.

Talk Numbers allows you to queue your callers. Virtual Queuing as supposed to physical queuing can be controlled online via our on line portal.

  • Avoid engaged calls and handle more sales/enquiries.
  • No need to install or maintain any expensive in-house equipment.
  • Upload a pre-recorded welcome message and change this via our portal.
  • Call Queuing allows callers to be seamlessly put through to the next available agent/target number.
  • Set the maximum number of callers that can be held in the queue.
  • You can choose your preferred on hold music.
  • Make sure your customers do not hang up because the line is engaged.
  • Play marketing messages, important announcements, or promote your website.
  • Callers can be informed of their queue position number.
  • Set time intervals for messages/announcements.
  • Call Queuing allows you to view and manage your queues easily online.

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