Cloud data backup

Cloud Data Backup

TalkNumbers offers best in breed  Cloud Data Backup, Cloud2Cloud (Cloud to Cloud) and NAS Backup which is Fully Managed and Monitored

Whether you are a small-business owner, medium-size-business entrepreneur or corporate enterprise. Talk Numbers  is the secure, simple, and affordable way to back up  servers.

TalkNumbers simplifies remote- and branch-office backups for your corporate enterprise by enabling secure, easily managed backups from a single location.

When data loss happens – and it will – bring peace-of-mind to your high-volume data-storage needs with the simplest, most secure and affordable enterprise backup solution available

TalkNumbers Server Backup Supports ALL operating systems, including SQL Server and Exchange

  • The  world’s most robust back-up and business continuity disaster recovery solution for protecting Microsoft Windows Servers, VMware vSphere and ESX(i) Servers
  • Consistency checks on all applications to ensure they’re recoverable
  • Block level snapshots with incremental forever data capture

If your data is critical or you can’t afford to loose it –

Your first choice should be TalkNumbers for your Cloud Data Backup

  • Fully managed and monitored 
  • Free installation with our Cloud Data Backup
  • Daily backup reports
  • Mirrored to Tier 4 data centers
  • Automatic scheduling
  • 3 month versioning or more
  • Shuttle Service for initial seeding and restore
  • Highest level of encryption available at rest and in transit
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Incremental and Differential Backup
  • Shadow copies
  • ‘Your data is safe with us’

Our Clients are from many multiple sectors of industry:-

UK Ports, Dental Practices, Estate Agents, Food Importers, Solicitors, UK Manufactures ,Charities, Financial Services, Security Companies, NHS

TalkNumbers Cloud2Cloud

Cloud Data Backup to Keep Your Data Safe with the comfort of knowing that you can restore your data

Why Choose us?

  • We know Servers
  • We Know Virtual Servers
  • We know Cloud2Cloud
  • We Know NAS

Think before you use other data back services – THEY ARE NOT SAME


The really  important questions are:

Can restore my Data: Yes if you use our service – based on rolling back, before you had you a virus or ransomware or deleted the file / files by error (versioning)

Does the backup slow prossessing: To help you can schedule when you are not using the system – do it out of hours unless you need it live -this help with speeding up PC / Server

How do i know it’s backing up: We monitor, you miss a backup of your data we will know and so will yo

Install- Making sure it’s down correctly and mutual consent which file are backed up