Free Conference Calling

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Free conference calling when using our 03 numbers, easy to use, 1000’s can attend
Its free – high quality- high security – its your call – its your conference call

Why use us for Free Conference Calling

  • Simple to use
  • High Quality
  • No Grey Routes
  • Security Protocols
  • Customisable
  • Mass participants *
  • Multiple rooms
  • And its free! to sign up and no monthly fees for the 03 number

Its Free

Simple Free Conference ‘Etiquette’ – We think !

  • Well before the conference Bridge make sure everyone know what time it starts and that they have made time for it
  • Always best just to send a reminder
  • Just like with meetings, start on time.
  • Advice callers how long the conference should last (If possible)
  • Don’t be late for your Conference meeting
  • Make sure you are taking the call from a quiet location with good signal. Using land lines whenever possible helps signal problems
  • If you get caught in a noisy location, let people know right away that you’ll be on mute unless you’re speaking
  • If you are not calling from a phone you use regularly, make sure you know how to operate it
  • If you are joining a conference, immediately introduce yourself (If its that type of conference call)
  • Only go around doing individual introductions if it will help business get done, and factor that into your agenda
  • If someone joins late, carry on and update them later. You can always catch them up later if its important after the conference call
  • Give the overview of who you are and why you are calling in the first couple of minutes, then set out your agenda or goal
  • Keep your sentences short and pause regularly between ideas. This will allow people to jump in or ask questions
  • Use the mute button strategically. If you are muted for most of the call, you likely aren’t fully paying attention
  • Don’t be the person who’s checking email and needs to ask for a question to be repeated
  • Wrapping up time is important, it lets every know the conference is coming to end , ask if there are any questions
  • Don’t let the conference call run overtime if at all possible— Other callers might have other commitments

Hopefully our  conference call etiquette will help you have a great conference with free conference calling service

If you think we have missed anything out – email suggesting an idea

Contact us to get free conference calling– Click on the icon or here

*Maximum 5000 attendees per conference with our free conference calling service

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Free Conference calling

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