Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist (IVR) answers your your incoming calls using cloud based Virtual Receptionist. After the initial greeting the caller is then directed to the relevant department. Be that in the UK or abroad. The Virtual Receptionist has the options to allow for time of day routing. Also weekend and holiday routing. There will be another greeting message and routing for non-business hours. With the option of voicemail to email. buy Virtual Receptionist Service and improve your inbound call handling

You get the benefits of a switchboard. With none of the hassle of equipment, or the expense of employing someone 24/7.

With an IVR it is as as though you’ve got your own personal PA. Without installing any hardware.

IVR, Buy a virtual receptionist

Our virtual receptionist provides an automated service. Greeting each and every one of your customers.

Press 1 for sales.

Press 2 for accounts.

Press 3 for technical support.

Or Press 0 for the operator.

If no one answers the call, the customer will be given an option to leave a message.

Benefits of using Virtual Receptionist.

  • Using a IVR saves on hardware and maintenance.
  • You wish to portray a professional image for your business.
  • Your calls will  be routed to the right department/person.
  • The IVR will answer your calls professionally in your company name.
  • When you Buy Virtual Receptionist Service it will support you in your business without the cost of actually being there.

But where our IVR service really becomes clever. Is that it can be tailored to reflect your exact requirements. You can change these requirements via our online portal. You are in charge of where you want the calls routed to. Be it in or out of business hours. Whatever the size of your business large or small.

Virtual Receptionist, Interactive Voice Response

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Virtual Receptionist

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