Dialled Number Presentation

Dialled Number Presentation

With Dialled Number Presentation you will see the NGN or Geo number the caller has used to call your company.

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Benefits of Dialled Number Presentation.

  • Instead of showing you the caller’s number you will see the number they have dialed.
  • If you are selling multiple products, each product can have its own NGN. This allows you to be prepared.
  • Do you run more than one company. Then you can have an NGN tied to each company.
  • CLI presentation allows your sales team or agents to be prepared.
  • Customer will be answered in the most apt manner.
  • Calls can be directed to the agent most capable of dealing with the query.
  • With Dialled Number Presentation there is no need for additional hardware.
  • No changes to you telephone system. We use your existing telephone display.

Many companies can benefit from this service. If you are selling multi products or have more than one company. You will easily be able to identify which phone number is being called or which advert is being responded to.

We can make your telephone display show you the dialled Talk Numbers Non Geographic number, rather than the caller’s number. This means you will know how best to respond to you caller when you answer.


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Talk Numbers is Ofcom regulated and ICO compliant