Call Centre

Call Centre

Call Centre Products and Solutions (also known as contact center)
Hosted Contact Centre, for Effective Channel Engagement,  Buy Call Centre from Talk Numbers for one of the best customer hosted environments, Buy Call Centre solutions from Talk Numbers for better customer engagement

  • Effective multi-channel customer engagement
  • Hosted contact centre software to manage contacts across: Voice, email, live chat and social media

Call Centre

Everything now is about customer engagement, keeping your customers loyal to you services and products, with Call Center

Otherwise it is One click and they are off

Whether you are selling a products or services direct or on behalf of a client

Its all about the 3 Keeps

  • Keep customer Engaged
  • Keep customer Loyal
  • Keep customer Happy

If you don’t somebody else will

Customer Engagement with Call Center

• Full eLearning program – Sales, Provisioning, Operations and Technical
• Voice and Email capability
• Contact Centre functionality
• Call delivery on net and web RTC
• Outbound calls
• Call analytics and wallboards
• Administration users

Effective multi-channel customer engagement

Call Centre, contact centre software

Are Calls going to be low quality & unreliable with Contact Center

Business-grade IP Telephony provides calls that equal if not better than ISDN line quality. In a
recent survey of businesses using IP Telephony, less than 0.005% reported being dissatisfied with
call quality1. Over 17% of businesses switch to IP
Telephony specifically because of it’s improved
reliability over ISDN1
Our communications service utilises
the highest specification servers in
multiple data centres across the UK
to ensure reliability like no other,
with zero downtime in the last
12 months

WALLBOARDS for your Contact Center

Advanced Voice Insight Wallboards with our Call Centre Solution 


Get real-time insight, across all your inbound customer calls. Review the volume of calls coming in, how many calls are answered, missed or abandoned. Monitor all connected calls and even all calls held in a network queue

  • Track the volume of calls answered, missed and abandoned in real-time
  • Live widgets show calls currently connected and held in a network queue
  • Review each answered call, with individual agent name and call duration
  • Monitor live KPIs, agent status and performance against an SLA
  • Review all calls in a comprehensive audit trail, with a range of reports
  • Agents can review inbound calls, control their status and review stats


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Why use Talk Numbers for your VoIP 01 02 local numbers

  • Excellent Customer service
  • Ofcom Regulated
  • Resilient Network for your VoIP Numbers
  • Host our own numbers ranges
  • We don’t use grey routes for your VoIP numbers
  • Call Intelligence available
  • Free Online call stats
  • Disaster Recovery options available
  • 1000’s of VoIP numbers to choose from
  • VoIP packages available


Call Centre

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