Port My Number

Port My Number

Port my Number means transferring your virtual telephone number from your existing supplier to Talk Numbers, We can Port 0800 numbers, Port 0300 Numbers, Port 0330 Numbers, Port 0844 numbers, Port 0333 Numbers, port a VoIP numbers

  • Port 0300 Numbers
  • Port 0330 Numbers
  • Port 0333 Numbers
  • Port 0345 Numbers
  • Port 01 Numbers
  • Port 02 Numbers
  • Port 020 London Numbers
  • Port 0800 Numbers
  • Port 0844 Numbers
  • Port 0845 Numbers
  • Port 0871 Numbers

Organisations may choose to port their numbers for a variety of different reasons;

  • Reduce your bills:  Reduce your costs, either call charges or rentals.
  • Customer service:  Improved customer service.
  • Billing: Improved visibility, reports and statistics.
  • Better Intelligence: Access to a wide range of advanced cloud based intelligence
  • Higher Rebates: Improved payouts on your 0843 / 0844 / 0845 / 0844 / 0870 / 0871 / 0872
Port 0800 numbers

Why would you want to port a number to Talk Numbers?

There are many reasons for porting numbers. These include:

  • Poor service from your current provider.
  • By moving to a new provider you can save money
  • Required service not available at current provider
  • Consolidation of services

Why should I port my number to Talk Numbers?

  • Our customer service is focused on you
  • No porting fees
  • No excess porting charge when running the number
  • UK based customer service
  • Wide range of intelligence
  • Benefit now from Talk Numbers competitive rates.
  • Talk Numbers work with tier 1 partner networks.
  • Porting takes approximately 5 to 14 working days
  • No Loss of service
  • Ofcom Regulated
Port 0330 numbers, Port 01 and 02 local numbers Port 0800 numbers
port-my-number, Port 0330 numbers, Port 01 and 02 local numbers

The Grass is definitely Greener on our side of the fence!

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Once you are a client, we can add cloud services to your number.
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Port My Number - Ofcom
More information on porting regulations – here is the Ofcom Link