Live Call Answering Service

Live Call Answering Service,

Talk Numbers Live Call Answering Service works behind the scenes to support you and your existing team.

Keep your customers satisfied by providing an instant response every time they reach out to you, never realising we’re not sitting in your office, right next to you.

Our simple and cost effective fee structure means there are no set up or minimum monthly charges. Use how you like when you like! You only pay for the calls we handle. This means we’re there when you need us, but not an unnecessary overhead when you don’t.

Talk Numbers Live Call Answering Service

suites any size business, whether you’re sole trader, an entrepreneur, medical professional, a property manager, builder, a freelancer , alternative therapy practitioner, or represent a large commercial enterprise, we will customise a greeting and capture key information to fit your specific needs.

Once the call is completed the message is emailed to you or any specified group, allowing you to prioritise your call backs.

Your telephone is your most important business tool. When your phone is answered in person, promptly, politely and efficiently, it says you’re a professional, it says you care.

Our service is simple. You or your team answers telephone calls whenever they can and when particularly busy, or when your line is engaged your calls are routed seamlessly to Talk Numbers Live Call Answering Service who is fully briefed about your business.

What happens when your phone goes unanswered?:

  • Around 45% of all calls to small businesses go unanswered!
  • 80% of callers won’t call back on hearing an engaged tone
  • 75% of callers won’t wait beyond 6 rings
  • 80% hang up when transferred to an answer machine

Never have to worry about finding cover for those unexpected busy periods, holidays, lunch breaks, staff arriving on time or hours to be covered again.

Talk Numbers Live Call Answering Service will:

  • Greet all your calls promptly in your company name
  • Identify the caller, obtain their contact details, capture any key data specified by you and take their message, which is emailed to you as soon as the call ends
  • Solve the enquiry immediately using the information previously supplied by you
  • Ensure all messages are relayed to the correct person(s)
  • Transfer and patch through any urgent calls to landlines/mobiles

No Set up Fees. No Minimum Spend. You only pay for the genuine messages we take. Use how you like when you like!

You can also use your Talk Numbers Live Call Answering Service to:

  • Reception duties
  • Customer Service,
  • PA Services,
  • Process orders,
  • Process credit card payments,
  • Help Desk & Bookings,
  • Dontation lines.
Live Call Answering Service

Talk Numbers Live Call Answering Service normal business hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 3pm. We can arrange cover outside these hours to suit your requirements, for ad hoc projects, campaigns and appeals.

We will invoice you by email on or around the 1st of every month for calls taken in the previous month. Payment is due within 7 days by credit/debit card, bank transfer.

Live Call Answering Service

Why use Talk Numbers

  • Excellent Customer service
  • UK Support
  • Resilient Network
  • Host our own numbers ranges
  • We don’t use grey routes
  • Call Intelligence available
  • Free Online call stats
  • Disaster Recovery options available
  • 1000’s of numbers to choose from
  • VoIP packages available
Live Call Answering Service

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Live Call Answering Service

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