business VoIP providers

Business VoIP providers,

Talk Numbers is a Business VoIP providers,, As internet speeds improve so does the quality of  VoIP, now is the time to move from traditional line to VoIP -Buy VoIP Services from Talk numbers and radically improve your outbound and inbound call handling. With Hosted VoIP PBX you get stability, continuity and easy to use interface

Buy VoIP Services for Hosted VoIP PBX for all size
companies and organisations

Business VoIP providers,

VoIP Packages


UK Customer Service  

1 X User licence (Username / Password / IP)  

Phone App & PC App included

Access Control Panel

Per account per month

Unlimited Calls to UK landline 

Unlimited Calls to UK Mobile (EE. Voda, o2 & 3)

Call Recording per minute 

International Calls 

Single Direct Dial Number:

Not chosen  

Consecutive Direct Dial Number:

Not chosen cost per month

Choose your Direct Dial  or Port in Number

(Portiing cost maybe appliable) 

1 X  Yealink Phone  SIP-T31P per Phone (36 months) 

Per month

WhatsApp intergration 

Advanced Call Features included* 

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Per user PM



Up to 7 years storage included

Available on request


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Voicemail to email, Out of Hours,

Hunt groups, Missed Calls Alert,

Welcome & Whisper Message,
Ms Teams Calling

Fax to Email (£2 per month),
Diverts, Time day date




Per user  PM 



Up to 7 years storage included

Avialable on Request 


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Agent Ready*(£5 per user),  
Area Based Routing, 

Video Conference Calling, chat,

Call Queue, Date Exception, 

Disaster Recovery,

Google and Oulook contact intergration,

Group Audio, Virtual Receptionist, Wallboard




per user PM


Up to 7 years storage included

Available on Request 


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Call Exception, Call Shield for (3p per use)

identify potentially suspicious calls,

Drag and drop functionality,

Mid call Transfer,

Virtual 07 Number to take calls

with SMS:

£10 pm / Calls 3ppm / SMS 3p

without SMS: 

  £5 pm / Calls 3ppm

The biggest advantage with VoIP
Business VoIP providers,

is that it offers significantly cheaper cost than traditional landline services, including, with many services.

Between VoIP customers the call charges are straight forward and in many cases completely free. Clearly therefore, the long term aim is that as VoIP Services becomes more popular you will be able to contact more and more people using this service, saving significant amounts of money.

Talk Numbers is a Business VoIP providers, Our solution couldn’t be simpler.

When someone calls your chosen business phone number, the call is connected over the internet and passed through to your VoIP handset. You take the call as usual, enjoying real clarity of voice that comes from using a secure internet connection.

Voice over Internet Protocol known as VoIP, for Business VoIP providers,

is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Thanks to improved systems which now give priority to voice calls over data, the quality of VoIP is now arguably on the same level as a regular phone call.

What kind of equipment do you need when Buy from Talk Numbers Business VoIP providers,

To make phone calls you then either use a softphone on your PC or laptop  or a purpose built VoIP telephone, preferably a high speed broadband  Internet connection is required

Talk Numbers prefer to use Yealink for Hardware as its simple to configure, high quality, great to use

VoIP Services
Hosted VoIP 
VoIP Calls
Hosted VoIP PBX
Business VoIP providers,


Why use Talk Numbers as your VoIP Provider

  • Excellent UK Customer Service
  • Ofcom Regulated
  • Memorable numbers
  • Advanced call handling
  • Resilient Network
  • Excellent Network
  • Host our own numbers ranges
  • We don’t use grey routes for 03 numbers
  • 1000’s of numbers to choose from
  • VoIP packages that will suite your setup
  • Buy business VoIP Services from Talk Numbers

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We are here to help you…. ‘Our Numbers Mean Business’

We are able to offer bespoke packages – Give us a call to find out how Talk Numbers can improve you inbound and outbound calls

Buy business VoIP Services

Buy Business VoIP Services
Business VoIP providers,
VoIP calls,  VoIP Services, buy-voip-services
Port My Number - Ofcom
For more information on porting regulations – here is the Ofcom Link



Add-Ons Add-ons are call handling intelligence for outbound and inbound telephony  

Broadband / Leased Lines

Talk Numbers  offers various Broadband solutions:
We can offer you Broadband services that is suitable for your  locality and your companies needs:

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Bespoke call handling for Call Centers. No matter how big or small the call center is, we have the best cloud based virtual intelligence. We can help you improve inbound customer service, improve call efficiency whether its is outbound or inbound.
We have the solution for you

Call Divert

With Call Divert an incoming call can be programmed to be diverted to up to 5 or more to alternative destinations should the line be busy or unanswered.

Call Filtering

Block nuisance calls


Call Queue

This  allows caller to be placed in a queue until answered, add on hold music, queue place, opt out of queue to voicemail or call back. Just some of the options available

Call Record 

When you customer call you via your virtual number the call will be recorded or outbound with a hosted PBX VoIP

Call Statistics

Call Statistics Advanced is invaluable to a business. No matter the size of the business or industry. Call Statistics will let you have a quick overview or if you need and in-depth analysis of your calls.


Call Whisper / Network Whisper 


Call Whisper is a calling feature offered by Talk Numbers. This feature is designed to make you aware of the type of call you are about to receive. This is ‘whispered’ seconds before the call is connected.

Caller Display

With this feature, the recipient of the call can see the Virtual Number they are called from, displayed on their phone on inbound calls.

Choose to refuse


Before the call is connected, you are offered via a Pre recorded Whisper, an option to refuse the call via a DTMF tone (pressing a key). Send the call to voicemail or another colleague (It also stops your mobile voicemail kicking in)

Conference Calling 


Conference call service is as easy to use a falling off a log!

Disaster Recovery


Transfer your call to another office or mobiles for continuity when your outbound network is down

Fax to Email

”Fax To Email”  Fax to email User can advertise a fax number that callers can dial in to. The fax is then converted into a tiff.file or jpeg and emailed to a pre-determined email address (max 32 characters)
Its lands in your email account – read – save – delete or forward – Your fax

Hunt Group Advanced – Agent Ready


Hunt Group


The call will try different numbers until answered or if enabled go to voice mail to email or live call answering. The call can ring over 25 alternative destinations should the line be busy or unanswered

Live Call Answering Service

Answers your calls professionally on your behalf in your company name.

Tome / Day / Date


Time Day Date also known as, Time based forwarding, is an automated service which enables you to control where your calls are being forwarded to based on the time of day or the day of the week.


Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

Virtual Receptionist (IVR) Caller automatically hears a welcome message with menu options to forward the caller to the correct department

Voicemail to Email


Caller automatically hears a voice recording giving the option to leave a message should the line be busy or unanswered. The recording is immediately emailed to your computer


VoIP Services


Covering many service from SIP to SIP hosted PBX’s


Welcome Message


Caller hears a pre-recorded welcome message possibly advising them of products, services or other useful information before the call connects.

Zone Plan  

1 Number to multiple locations

Calls are routed based on the location of the caller. Zone plans allows a single number to be called. It is then routed to one or more locations, depending on the region or area of the caller. Zone Plans work for any size of company.